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Company profile :: Who we are

M.L.S.L. - Metallurgica Laminati Speciali Lecchesi - is a company specialized in the production of low-carbon steel wire.

Since 1969, it has been operating in the heart of the industrial area of Valgreghentino, where it covers a production area of ​​over 32,000 square  meters 8,500 of which covered.

With a staff of 40 employees, it has been able to gain the trust of numerous partners in these years, thanks to the quality of its products, a policy of constant attention to the customer and compliance with agreed deadlines.

M.L.S.L. is specialized in the production of soap-drawn wire, dark annealed wire, annealed and non-annealed galvanized wire, redrawn galvanized wire and plastic-coated wire – products for the most diverse markets from agriculture, to industry and construction. Moreover, it produces galvanized and plastic-coated wire netting as well as decorative wire netting, which is ideal for flowerbed and garden fencing.

Company profile :: Company policy

All products are subjected to strict quality tests:  the ability to meet customer demands has represented - since its foundation - one of the distinguishing features of M.L.S.L..

Versatility, competence and availability complete its company policy – keywords that have always allowed it to meet the requests of the most demanding customers.

Maximum flexibility

The whole production process takes place internally, so we are able to offer a tailor-made product that is completely customizable.